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BESTWAY Moving & Storage can pack just about everything for you, no matter how delicate or unusually shaped. If you request packing services, your BESTWAY Moving & Storage packers will carefully handle it all, room-by-room. You can also choose to make it a do-it-yourself job. Whether you need a little help or a lot, BESTWAY Moving & Storage can help you get the job done!


Full-service: Our trained packers do it all! Leave your household items right where they are and we’ll take it from there!

Partial: You get the full pack service but only for the items you designate.

Do-it-yourself: If you decide to do your own packing, it can be a real money-saver. But it does take extra time and energy to get the job done right. If you book your move with BESTWAY Moving & Storage, we will provide gently used moving cartons free of charge (subject to availability).

Fragile-only: Want to pack yourself but are worried about the breakable items like china, dishes and mirrors? Relax while we pack the fragile items for you.

It’s all about the boxes: Using new, high-quality packing materials specifically designed for moving can ensure your property arrives safely. BESTWAY Moving & Storage has a wide range of boxes and professional packing material available:

• 1.5 cu. ft. cartons – Small carton for heavy items such as books, files, music CDs and DVDs
• 3.0 cu. ft. carton – Medium carton often used for pots and pans, toys and small appliances
• 4.5 cu. ft. cartons – Large carton for bulky items such as linens, towels or toys
• 6.0 cu. ft. cartons – Extra Large carton for large, bulky or lightweight articles such as pillows or large lampshades
• Wardrobe cartons – A “portable closet” that keeps clothes and draperies hanging on a built-in bar
• Mirror cartons – Telescoping cartons for framed pictures, mirrors or glass tops and shelves
• Mattress cartons – Available in queen/king, double, single (twin) and crib sizes. A separate carton is needed for box springs • Dishpack – Heavy duty carton used for dishes/china, crystal and glassware
• Paper pads – Padded paper for wrapping framed pictures, mirrors or glass tops and shelves
• Packing paper – Newsprint paper used to wrap and protect items that are then packed in boxes
• Packing tape – Clear tape used to seal boxes shut after they are packed



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Employment Opportunities
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